Strong Onboarding Equals High Retention

Most people in the workforce have at least one (but typically more) stories of onboarding horror. Managers not knowing they were starting that day. Showing up for a new job and not having a workspace. “Training” that consists of sitting in a tiny room reading manuals all day long. These stories are amusing, but take… Read more »

Tired of Tough Personalities? Here are 3 Tips for Managing Them

  Wouldn’t it be nice if your team was comprised of only easy-going individuals who never stressed out, never caused office drama and who could always be relied upon to do their jobs well? Every manager dreams of this type of office utopia, but in reality, every leader has to manage some tough personalities. While… Read more »

Three Leadership Quotes Every Manager Needs to Remember

Stepping into a management role is never easy. The stress of taking on new responsibilities and learning new skills can take its toll, and it can be lonely at the top. Leaders have to draw inspiration from a variety of sources in order to keep themselves motivated when the pressure is on. Here are three… Read more »

Manager Spotlight: 5 Things That Will Motivate Your Staff

  Maintaining a motivated staff is essential for productivity, limiting turnover, and meeting goals – goals that managers themselves must answer for. A manager’s responsibility of keeping a team motivated can range from maintaining focus to simply making sure employees arrive on time. Managers, especially new managers, sometimes struggle to maintain employee motivation. And, not… Read more »